For years, they begged and pleaded for me to reveal these profit-pulling  insider tactics.  Now, for the first time, I am revealing my secrets only to an exclusive group...

"Discover My Closely-Guarded 'Affiliate  Landmines' That Will Catapult Unsuspecting Prospects Into A Buying Frenzy, Blast Your Competition Out Of the Water, And Propel Your Business Into The Money Zone... Guaranteed!"

"These sneaky (yet legal) strategies will enable you to squeeze every single cent from you website visitors.  Most marketers (including the 'gurus') are totally in the dark about these strategies and are letting major profits fly out the window.  Read on to learn how to swipe of my personal stash of "plug and play" affiliate landmines that will ram streams of cash in your bank account without hardly any effort at all!"

Date: August 29th
From: Russell Brunson

Every week I get random checks in the mail.  I don't ask for them and I don't work for them, but my wife and I LOVE to get them. 

Russell with his landmines
Russell and his wife Collette with their
weekly Affiliate Landmine Checks

For example, in the picture above my wife and I were gone for 5 days at a wrestling tournament (notice the black eye?) and when we got back these 5 checks were waiting for us in the mail box.  And I had no idea that they were coming!

Most of these checks come from a technique that I developed called "Affiliate Landmines."  What I do is set small Affiliate Landmines all around the internet, and wait for people to trip these Landmines.

Every time they do, I get a check in the mail.

I've kept this strategy a secret from people for the simple fact that it is very powerful, and I do NOT want everyone doing it.  (But even if they were, it would still be just as effective) 

"What The Heck Is An
Affiliate Landmine?"

Before I tell you exactly "what" an Affiliate Landmine is - I want to tell you about how I stumbled upon this concept.

A little over 3 years ago, right after I had finished wrestling practice, I called my wife to see if she wanted me to pick up anything for dinner. Before I could ask her anything, she told me that we had received 4 checks in the mail that day for a little over $300!

Now that may not seem like a lot to you, but for a couple of starving college kids, that was a fortune! Because of that we decided to go out to eat!

When I got home and looked at the checks, I realized that I had no idea who they were from. I had to do quite a bit of research online before I realized that they were checks from an affiliate program I had joined almost a year earlier.

I hadn't tried to promote or sell any of their products in over 9 months - but during the time I had promoted it, I had unknowingly created some Affiliate Landmines that were starting to produce checks!

After isolating exactly where the customers had purchased from me, and discovering the Landmines that worked, I went back and started to develop more and more Landmines.

I started to create new Landmines every month and have continued to do so for the past 3 years. I now get multiple check (just like in the picture above) every week!

Sometimes small checks for $20-$30. Other times checks as large as $2,500 or more - all from Affiliate Landmines!!!

"Here's The Atomic Power Of An Affiliate Landmine..."

An Affiliate Landmine is simply an affiliate link placed where your customers resistance to buying is at its lowest.

That concept is so important that I wanted to emphasis it again:

"An Affiliate Landmine is simply an affiliate link placed where your customers resistance to buying is at it's lowest."

When you target those times that their resistance is low, and then give them an offer that is irresistible... BOOM! - you've just created an Affiliate Landmine!

You see, I spent the last 3 years testing the best type of affiliate landmine that’ll summon a buying frenzy. After endless trial and testing, I determined that selling software, ebooks, and audiobooks embedded with affiliate links is the BEST way to earn big bucks with hardly any work… 

Why is that? For two reasons:

1)      Each product I recommend is a perfect match for people using the products; therefore, conversion is very high.

2)      Since they’ve already bought from me and love my product, sales resistance is lower and customers are more receptive to my recommendations. Plus they are proven BUYERS…not “freebie-seekers” who won’t yank out their wallet!

The second point is HUGE because real businesses make the most money in back-end sales--sales which are made after the initial purchase. That's what makes Affiliate Landmines so effective: it promotes products and services that bring value to your customer--after they've already bought from you and their resistance to pitches is the lowest!

"Why These Landmines Are Crucial For Your Online Business"

Let's face it, people are inherently skeptical online. Especially when you are selling products in the internet marketing niche.

You see, one of the bad parts about internet marketing is that it attracts dishonest people. People whose only goal is to rip people off of their hard-earned cash.

Therefore, once they see a sales letter, an autoresponder email, or an opt-in form, their guard immediately goes up.

They automatically think, "Oh boy, here we go again. What's so-and-so going to try to sell me today..."

Sure, we all know that online direct marketing strategies such as long-copy sales letters, autoresponders, and squeeze pages have been proven time and time again to convert the most customers to buyers.

But you need a strategy that will allow you to market to your customers from multiple angles...when they are less resistant to your pitch.

And, to be frank, you aren't going to find a better set of marketing tools to accomplish this then my Affiliate Landmines!

"How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On MY Personal Landmines Every Month!?!"

Every time I talk about my Landmines, I get swarms of people begging me to give them the ability to use them. Until today - I have always had to say NO!

But I recently had an idea that would make it possible for me to share my Landmines with you - and in doing so BOTH of us would profit from them.

I was able to set up some special deals with the affiliate programs that I currently create Landmines for - and they have agreed that they will reward me for introducing you to their affiliate programs AND pay you a HUGE commission for every sale generated by your Landmines!

So it's a WIN / WIN for both of us!

3 Ways To Make Money With Your Affiliate Landmines!

There are many ways you can use your Landmines to make money, but I wanted to share with you 3 exciting ways to make money with the Affiliate Landmines that you sell.

1st - you will be able to sell the Landmine and keep 100% of the profits you generate from every sale!

2nd - you will be able to brand each of these Landmines, so when your customers are using them - if they order any of the products recommended within the Landmines - you'll receive a commission for those sales!!!

3rd - As an Affiliate Landmine member - you will have the ability to give "master resale rights" to your Landmines... This is powerful because while your customers will be able to sell the products - they won't be able to brand them.

So every time any of your customers (or their customers) make a sale - it will still be branded with your affiliate links - so you'll receive commissions on ALL OF THEIR BACKEND SALES AS WELL!!!

Do you see how powerful that is?

The more you sell - and the more your customers sell - the more your links will be out there and the more chances you will have to earn affiliate commissions! Your branded product will spread like a mutant virus that shovels cash into your bank account 24-hours a day!

Here's What You'll Receive Each Month As An Exclusive Affiliate Landmine Member!

Membership Benefit #1
Instant Access To ALL Of My Affiliate Landmines From The Past 2 Year That You Can Start Selling Right Away!!!
($5,250 Value!)

The moment you join you'll get instant access to all of the past Affiliate Landmines that our members are using to make money around the clock! 

Each type of landmine will be associated with an affiliate program. All you have to do is join that affiliate program, brand the landmines with your affiliate links,  sell them - then just wait for your commission checks to come rolling in!!!

Take a look at a few of the landmines that you'll have IMMEDIATE access to sell and keep all of the front end (and backend) profits from:

Membership Benefit #2
A New Viral Brandable Landmines You Can Sell - Complete With Sales Letter And Graphics EVERY Month!!
($697 Value Per Month)

The Landmines that always produce the best are the Landmines that you sell. So each month you will get a very high quality product that you can brand with your affiliate links and sell!

Each product will come with graphics designed by our best graphics designers and a full sales letter written by one of our top copywriters!

BUT... the most powerful thing that you need to remember is that you can offer these products with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to your customers- which means that your customers can sell these products to their customers... but all of those products will be branded with YOUR affiliate links!!!

But it gets even more powerful because when their customers start selling your branded file, and then their customers (and so on...) soon your branded links will be EVERYWHERE!!!

That's when you'll see the power of viral marketing in action!

Membership Benefit #3
48 Video Internet Marketing Crash Course!
($350 Value Per Month!)

Full access to the "Affiliate Landmine " video training e-course.  You will have instant access to 48 videos that will walk you through everything from registering a domain name to getting traffic from the search engines!

This is to help guarantee that even our newest members can get started generating commissions from their Landmines immediately!

 I highly recommend for a number of reasons.

First of all the video tutorials are great! These videos walk you through all of the elements you need to create and maintain a professional website. The videos are categorized and targeted to make them easy to use. 50 videos in all.

Then there are the Land Mines. There are 3 ways to utilize them to help "Explode" your business. You get ways to build a list, and create sales from affiliate marketing.

Lastly I would like to say that the people behind the scenes of Affiliate Landmines are the most helpful and likeable people on the internet. They are more likely to "pass the plate then hog the plate" if you know what I mean.

Glenn Fournier -

Try Out My Best Landmines For Less Than A Large Cup Of Coffee!

How much would it be worth to you to be able to earn huge affiliate checks shown in the picture above...with almost no effort whatsoever?

Remember, I was at a wrestling match when I got these checks in the mail. All I had to do is set up my Affiliate Landmines once, and the cash started rolling in on autopilot.

Think about it. Think about all the traffic that comes to your website, and all the affiliate commissions you are losing out on by not having a method to crank up the visitor value of your website.

You'd think that a method that creates windfall profits will virtually no effort on your part will be quite expensive.

But, as one of our charter members, you will get one month of 100% unrestricted access to our members area FOR FREE for seven days. That'll give you enough time to try out my landmines for yourself. If you decided to stick with your membership, you'll get charged the normal membership fee of just $4.95 per month.

With your account you will get all the Landmines explained above that you can use to generate HUGE affiliate commissions every month!

Heck, you could easily match your membership fee in a mere couple days. This is truly one of the best investments you'll make...when you consider the return you'll get...

The possibilities are endless!

Just fill out the form below to create your exclusive members account! 

Just fill out the form below to create your exclusive members account! 

Yes, I want to get my hands on your Affiliate Landmines TODAY!!!

I Want To Download This Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up Anytime Now!

I realize that as a member, every month I will receive 100% exclusive access to:

  • All of your past Affiliate Landmines from the past 2 YEARS!!!

  • NEW Affiliate Landmines EVERY MONTH that I can brand and sell!

  • PLUS - the 48-video internet marketing crash course!!!

Click here to signup

If you are not happy for whatever reason with your Affiliate Landmine membership, you can cancel your subscription at any time AND still keep and use the Landmines that you received while you were a member!

I am excited for your success and will see you in the members area!!!

Russell Brunson


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